Friday, November 8, 2013

Competition Pics Pre

Not trying to mislead you but you are about to see pictures of me in a bikini.  If you are going to be all weirded out about it, stop here.  If not, proceed to:



Competition Pics

Hey!  So, I'm not sure if you remember, but a few weeks and about 10 pounds ago I did this bikini competition.  Yeah?  Well, here are some pics from it!  

Having had time to think back on this journey (and eat Nutella, Halloween candy, sugar cookies, buttered popcorn, and lots and lots of cheese), I come to the conclusion that I'm not sure what to think.  Part of me wants to do it again.  Part of me doesn't.  The actual show is NOT the reason I'd do it again. Comparing my body to some of the other girls', I just am not sure I have the right shape to win in a big competition.  Bummer.  Oh, and I'm 33, not 20.  Another bummer.  That only means that when I was in my early 20's all I had to think about was me.  I got to choose to go to school, work, the gym, etc.  Now I choose to take care of my kids.  And that makes it a lot harder to train to compete.  So the main question is:  Is it worth it?  

Tom's not sure.

I'm not sure.

I definitely don't want to do it alone.  I see a lot of people who train with friends.  They have a "team" and that just looks like a much better experience.

And I don't want to pay a trainer.  I think I pretty much got it down.  I need someone for accountability but I'm not sure that's worth $1,200.

It has been a difficult adjustment to go from competition training to normal life.  I feel like I have no self control.  I'd like to blame it on the holidays.

The first week off of my supplements was hard.  I was tired All.  The. Time.  And I kind of had the "after Christmas blues" but it was after competition -- like, what happens now?

I'm better now.  We are getting our new house organized and my life is coming together.

Anyway, enough talking.  Here are the pictures where I look the fittest I have ever looked.  I have to say that my legs are AWESOME!