Monday, August 12, 2013

Catching Up

Wow.  It has been a roller coaster 2 weeks.

First, my hair.  I promised an "after" pic.  I had a little photo shoot with Debra Macfarlane Photography.

Now that my hair is darker I feel okay about getting a spray tan and fake eyelashes for the competition.

Next, we went to the lake for a weekend.  It was a blast but there was no internet.  Not even 4G.  It was like going dark from the world.  And that's not a bad thing but definitely different.

I ate and exercised almost according to plan while at the lake.  There wasn't any exercise equipment so I just ran, which my trainer doesn't love because it is a killer on the joints.  I like to run though.

The next few days was the hard part with exercise and nutrition.  I took my girls and my mom to Boise and got all off schedule.

Three days of being off schedule was hard.  I didn't eat enough and I didn't exercise enough.  Eating treats wasn't the issue.  It was really just sticking with the schedule.  I didn't.

I met with my trainer, Jerry, and did a body analysis.  I was stoked that I didn't lose any muscle during my crazy week.  I lost a couple of pounds of fat though.  Yay!  The pic below is him.  But in real life he's super nice and not so intimidating.  He competes (I guess that's probably obvious).  He also does online training so if you're looking for a trainer, contact him.  He knows his stuff!  From now on I will talk about Jerry and refer to him as "Jerry" and not "my trainer."

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I'm now:
134 lb
13.9% body fat

One goal that I reached last week was fitting comfortably into my "goal jeans."  They are the smallest jeans I own and I don't have a muffin-top in them!  Talk about a good feeling!  This is all worth it.

Beginning of December/End of July

Sophie will be 9 months on Friday.  That is also the day that we will be done nursing.  She has 2 teeth and sometimes that's not a lot of fun.  I've been just feeding her at night and in the morning to prepare us for the change.  I feel a little guilty because I nursed Morgan for 11 months.  I'm sure she won't feel ripped-off or like I love her less but I can't stop all of the mommy guilt.

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