Monday, July 22, 2013

Progress Post

Last week was a little disappointing as far as progress goes because I got a cold and I think that made me not progress.  However, I did take some after pics.  

First of all, I don't wear bikinis.  There was one year where I thought I would try it out and it just wasn't for me.  I'm self conscious about my belly and about modesty (especially around people I know).  I love tankinis though.  

I had these tankini bottoms in my drawer.  The 'before" pictures are in a black sports bra.  The "after" (more like "current") pictures are with a bikini top I just bought at Target.  I'll probably only use it for before/after pics and to lay out.   

These before/afters are not from after I had Sophie until now.  They are from when I started with my trainer last month and last Saturday.

My stats are:
137 lbs
14.9% body fat
120 lbs of muscle

For the competition I need to cut about 7% more body fat.  Therefore, I am starting two-a-day cardio training.  That's two forty-five minute sessions, six days a week.  The awesome thing is that my heart rate has to be around 152 the whole time.  Gah!

But it will be worth it!  Great things are often hard to get.

I decided to go darker with my hair so when it is time for the competition I don't look totally fake with platinum hair, spray tan, and oiled body.  I'll show you the after pic soon.


  1. Ummm hello babe!!! And hey no need to explain the bikini deal. No one has right to judge for whatever reason or picture :) anyway you are so motivating ! Good job Kelli!! Wish we were still neighbors !

  2. You really do look AMAZING. So proud of you--you are my fitness hero!