Monday, June 10, 2013

A Long Way to Go

I had my body analysis and it wasn't so bad.  My body fat percentage is 20 (but I think that was too low -- it was 23% before my vacation so that goes to show you how off calipers can be).  I need to be around 7-10% for the competition.  There are 14 weeks to go and a chance that I won't be ready for this show.

I am still nursing Sophie so I can't take supplements besides a multi vitamin and protein.  I actually like that though.

I stood in front of my trainer and did super slow squats so he could see which muscles we need to work on. My legs are not bad, I just need to "get the hamstrings firing" and build my glutes.

Obviously we'll be focusing on all of my muscles but my back needs a lot.

When I was in college I took a class where we checked how flexible we were.  I was the least flexible in the whole class.  And I still am.  It turns out that being flexible is kind of important while building muscles so I'll be going to someone to help loosen me up.

Here is a before picture.

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