Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Competition I Missed

There was a competition in Utah last weekend and I was planning on going.  My mother-in-law had the kids and since I don't really go out to eat, I told Tom he could just take me to watch the competition for our date.  So the $30 each ($25 if we brought unexpired canned goods) would have been like eating sushi or something, only motivating for me (or a complete turn off, but I doubt that).

At 1:30 we went to Costco.  I didn't have one sample.  For those of you who have ever gone to Costco on a Saturday you know it's like getting a free meal, which I used to do in college.  #poor #cheap

Tom found a cell phone upgrade deal and I found a computer that I liked (I was in the market).  So we went to Best Buy to compare prices and options.

Fast forward 6 hours and the competition had started, I was still at Best Buy, and I had a new MacBook Air and a new iPhone 5.  #unexpectedpurchase #butIshoppedaroundforoverayear  Tom got a new phone too and we waited for-stinking-ever for data transfers on both of our phones.

So I missed the competition.  I was sad but I think of it as saving $60.  And since we spent well over that, it's good to keep the money.

However, I have been Instagram stalking #bikinicomp and have found lots of motivation there.  If you want to see what competitors eat, how they workout, or what they look like, check that out on IG.

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