Monday, October 28, 2013

New Training Program

I Facebook follow this girl (and her group) at Sisters In Shape.  She has competed for 3 years and she looks fantastic.  In a FB post she answered questions about her plan to get on stage -- like 20 minutes tops of cardio and 30-40 of lifting for the 3 months before a show.  She also eats 1800-2000 calories a day.  The big thing for me is that she doesn't take a diuretic before the show -- the main reason the show wasn't the best experience for me.  I was so thirsty and dehydrated.  I felt awful.  I know there has to be a better way for me.  

Anyway, I like my workouts.  They are similar to this but she does more weight lifting.  I think I'm going to cut some cardio and do more weights.  This will be my new lifting program.  I'll change it up a little every week but this should give awesome results.  

For the warm-up I plan on doing 20 minutes of cardio (more on "cheat meal" days) using the same machine for one week, then switching for the next week.  

And PS, Tom is going to do it as well so it's not just a girl thing.

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