Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Up 4 Pounds!

Well guess who decided to show up unannounced after almost 2 years.  That's right.  Aunt Flo and her boyfriend, 4 pounds of water retention.  I literally texted Jerry and asked if I should be freaking out.  The answer is no.  The good thing is that it is only water weight and that I'll lose it by show-time.  The bad news is that I'm all squishy now and that's not encouraging.

Let me just tell you that it's a good thing the show is in 2 weeks and 3 days.  Because. I. Am. Burnt. Out.  Or is it "burned" out?  Either way, I am.  I am done with 2-a-days and not being able to go out to eat with my family.   I am tired of horse-pill sized supplements.  But I'm not tired of looking the best I've ever looked.  That's fun.  I think mostly my family is ready for me to be able to go out with them again.  Morgan asks all the time if we can go to a restaurant and Tom can't wait to go on an actual date with me that includes both of us eating the restaurant food.  It's been 4 months.  Since June!

Of course I'm keeping the focus for the sprint to the finish line.  My whole goal was to go from the labor & delivery room to a bikini competition in 1 year (and look ready for it, obviously).  I'm going to make it, dang it!

Here is the flyer with the info for the show.  If I were you and coming to watch it, I'd probably go to the  night show.  It starts at 6pm at Granger High School on October 19th.  It's $30 to get in (kind of pricy, I know, but there will be some cool looking body builders there).  I would love to see people I know there but I'm not going to guilt anyone into coming.  Come if you want.  If you do come, find me after and say hi!

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