Thursday, October 10, 2013

T Minus 8 Days

The countdown is ON!  In only one week and one day I will be on stage!

Right now is crunch-time.

I'm already in Utah so I can finish training with Jerry and be there for height-check and weigh-in and get my hair done.  Every competitor has to check in in person the day before the show or we get DQ'd.  I'll also need to get a spray tan -- I'm going to look so unrealistically dark in real life but on stage it will be great.

I met with Jerry today to work on my back (lift).  He also checked my body fat for the first time since I moved.  A month ago I was 11% body fat and weighed 129.6-131 depending on when I weighed.  Now I am 9% body fat and weigh 129.6.  So I lost fat and gained muscle since I moved which is all I can ask for.  Plus, I hit my competition goal!  Jerry says I'm there.  It's a good thing since the competition is here.

This week is where I will do things to dramatically change my body.  And it's really the only unhealthy part of the whole process, which is why it's only for a week (actually 5 days).

To be on stage, you want to look as lean and cut as you can.  To do that, some (or most) competitors have to lose water weight that week.  I will be taking a diuretic and will probably lose 5 pounds of water.  Like I said, not healthy.  Not sustainable.  But only for 5 days.  And I will gain that weight back the night the show is over.

I have still been doing 3 days of lower carbs and a day of high carbs.  That is changing now.  For 2-3 days I'll be super low carbs and then no carbs for a couple of days.  A few days before the show I will carb load to bulge my muscles.  I honestly never knew that so much went into this.  It has been really neat to see what happens with different things.

If you don't follow me on Instagram (@losscausekelli), here is a before/after.  The before was taken 4 months ago.

Reach your goals!


  1. The transformation is incredible!! Congratulations~!!

  2. WOW!!! 4 months? That is incredible for sure! Good luck and enjoy that meal after the show!!