Thursday, July 11, 2013

How Do You Get Through Cardio?

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Today on the blog... How Do You Get Through Cardio?

My trainer is having me do 45 minutes of cardio 2 times and 35 minutes of intervals 3 times this week.  The 45 minutes is at 65% of my max heart rate and the time starts once my heart rate gets there.  So it's really like 50 minutes.  Same with the intervals except I get to 65% then go as hard as I can as long as I can, then let my heart rate drop back down to 65%.

This week I have been doing the Stair Master.  This is one of my favorite cardio machines because it gets my heart rate up quickly and it is hard.  And I sweat like a maniac.  But it's not my fave for intervals.  Have you ever tried to run on one?  Like at max speed (20) for 30 seconds or a minute?  I tripped a bunch of times.  Luckily I never fell.

I bring either a book or my iPad (to watch a show) to pass cardio time.  I love it.  It's the one time of day where nobody is all, "mo-om!" or "wipe my bum," or "you're ruining my day!"  Those things make me laugh, but this is just relaxing, for lack of a better word.

Yesterday my gym moved all of the equipment to a different location.  In the picture below I am standing by the weights and all the cardio equipment is upstairs overlooking the weight room.  You can see the glass railing that goes to the top of the spin bikes.  Well it goes about to where you stand on the Stair Master so today I didn't dare use my iPad because for sure it would have been the day it fell 30 feet and shattered.

That's my cardio talk for the week.  

And here's a close-out Shade shirt that I bought a few days ago.  Loving it!  It's on clearance for $12 here.  I'm in a medium.  Got both colors.

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